Tales from the TableTop


During the first lockdown of Covid-19 many games of Dungeons & Dragons were played. This is one of those stories. 

Based on the adventures of five friends and their "patient" Dungeon Master, Tales from the TableTop's first chapters follow Meriele, Theomund, Gundaband, Polaris and Bendybog as they wend their way through the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter set campaign.

Brought together by a common NPC we swiftly forgot about, our "heroes" must face goblins, bugbears and evil wizards. 

In the first saga, now available in its entirety on WebToon (click the symbol opposite to get there), the group somehow survive a fatal encounter with a chimney climb only to be tasked with uprooting a local crime group known as the Redbrands. 

In coming tales see them lose allies, face dragons and eventually uncover the truth behind the mysteriously growing number of gemstone frog statues. 

Experience one of the tales that made my lockdown bearable, and as a possibly wise grandmother once asked us,

"Was it not a gift?"

Meet the Characters