Films a short history

Even Film & TV Production wasn't my first choice. A chance nosebleed in secondary school ended up shifting me from studying music technology into media: moving image. Stuff just happens.

But five years of study and surrounding yourself with other people passionate about making short films will soon earn you a short filmography. 

I've had a lot of fun over the years, from writing a murder mystery to portraying Father Christmas himself. Chasing after cycling paramedics with arms full of recording equipment and twirling a cane menacingly at passersby. 

Of course there have been some less successful projects but I won't name them. I mean, I will but I won't tell you which ones they are.

Things have grown quiet over the last few years, although ironically I briefly dipped into voiceover, but you never know just what could happen next. 

And as those famous first words go...

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain't heard nothin' yet."

Selected Filmography

(selected as I remember it and what amuses me)

Student Films

The Pacman Movie, as Clyde, writer, 2007

Keep on Rolling, as Boom Operator, 2009

Boxset of Trophies, production designer, 2010

Jumpin' Jack Flash, sound operator, 2011
A Recipe for Time Travel, writer and producer, 2011

Pedal Patrol, sound operator, 2012

Happy Brew / Pull Focus Productions

Deadly Spectrum, wrtier, 2011

Zom-be-GONE!, as victim, 2011

British Sensibilities, as Gentleman #2, 2016

Out of Food, A Student Advice Video, as victim / voiceover, 2016

A Christmas Chronoventure, as Father Christmas, writer, 2016

We Don't Talk About Thatas tenant, sound operator 2020

Upcoming Chronoventures 4, as Dugl, writer, sound operator, [unreleased]

Personal Projects

dOt, as various, writer, editor, etc., 2018 - 2020